About the Curriculum

The Modern Law Practice Certification was developed in response to feedback from legal employers, law school professors, law school career services professionals, and law students. The curriculum teaches business operating skills to help legal professionals at every level to better serve their clients and effectively navigate today’s multidisciplinary business environments.

The fully online curriculum consists of 10+ classroom hours of asynchronous instruction in sought-after topic areas such as data analytics, product and service design, legal technology, process improvement and project management, and business and finance.  

The Courses

Complete and pass these 6 courses to earn the mark of distinction that employers count on: the Modern Law Practice Certification.

    1. A Message from LawHub's Sr. Director, Kevin Colangelo

    2. Intro to Our Course Player

    3. New Member Survey

    1. Chapter 1: Introduction

    2. Chapter 2: Historical Arc of the Legal Profession

    3. Chapter 3: Two Hemispheres

    4. Chapter 4: Lagging Legal Productivity

    5. Chapter 5: Our Multidisciplinary Future

    6. Chapter 6: Paradigm Change

    7. Chapter 7: Access to Justice

    8. Final Exam

    1. Welcome to my course! From Senior Instructor Kim Craig

    2. Lesson #1: Lean Six Sigma, The Origin Story, Part 1

    3. Lesson #2: Lean Six Sigma, The Origin Story, Part 2

    4. Quiz: Lessons #1 and #2 (LSS, The Origin Story)

    5. Lesson #3: How and When to Apply the Lean Six Sigma Framework

    6. Quiz: Lesson #3 (Applying the Lean Six Sigma Framework)

    7. Lesson #4: The Discipline of Project Management, Part 1

    8. Quiz: Lesson #4 (The Discipline of Project Management Part 1)

    9. Lesson #5: The Discipline of Project Management, Part 2

    10. Quiz: Lesson #5 (The Discipline of Project Management Part 2)

    11. Lesson #6: Bringing it all together with our Case Study

    12. Final Exam: Legal Process and Project Leadership Fundamentals

    1. Welcome to my course! From Senior Instructor Joshua Kubicki

    2. Chapter 1: What is Design?

    3. Quiz: Chapter #1

    4. Chapter 2: Design: A brief history and origin story

    5. Quiz: Chapter #2

    6. Chapter 3: Two Mega-trends

    7. Quiz: Chapter #3

    8. Chapter 4: Current Design Trends & Design Thinking

    9. Quiz: Chapter #4

    10. Chapter 5: Why Legal Business Design Now?

    11. Quiz: Chapter #5

    12. Chapter 6: Legal Business Design Fundamentals

    13. Quiz: Chapter #6

    14. Chapter 7: Validity

    15. Quiz: Chapter #7

    16. Chapter 8: Desirability

    17. Quiz: Chapter #8

    18. Chapter 9: Feasibility

    19. Quiz: Chapter #9

    20. Chapter 10: Legal Business Design Applied: Case Study

    21. Final Exam: Principles of Legal Business Design

    1. Welcome to our course! From Senior Instructors, Andrew Baker and Karl Haraldsson

    2. Chapter 1 (Introduction) Lesson 1: Definitions

    3. Chapter 1 (Introduction) Lesson 2: Out of Industry Topics

    4. Chapter 1 Quiz (Introduction)

    5. Chapter 2 (Analytics in Law) Lesson 1: Current Drivers of Data Analytics

    6. Chapter 2 (Analytics in Law) Lesson 2: Classes of Legal Analytics

    7. Chapter 2 (Analytics in Law) Lesson 3: Examples

    8. Chapter 2 Quiz:(Analytics in Law)

    9. Chapter 3 (Understanding Data) Lesson 1: Types of Data

    10. Chapter 3 Quiz: (Understanding Data)

    11. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 1: Introduction to Analysis

    12. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 2: Regression

    13. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 3: Classification

    14. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 4: Clustering

    15. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 5: Natural Language Processing

    16. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 6: Named Entity Recognition

    17. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 7: Document / Text Similarity

    18. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 8: Text Summarization & Generation

    19. Chapter 4 (Analysis) Lesson 9: Text Analysis Summary

    20. Chapter 4 Quiz: (Analysis)

    21. Chapter 5 (Accessibility & Tools) Lesson 1: Visualization

    22. Chapter 5 (Accessibility & Tools) Lesson 2: Sourcing Data

    23. Chapter 5 (Accessibility & Tools) Lesson 3: Tools & Technology

    24. Chapter 5 Quiz: (Accessibility & Tools)

    25. Chapter 6 (Application & Summary) Lesson 1: Application of Case Study

    26. Chapter 6 (Application & Summary) Lesson 2: Conclusion & Final Thoughts

    27. Final Exam: Data Analytics for Legal Professionals

    1. Welcome to our course! From Senior Instructors Jeff Carr and Carl Lukach

    2. Chapter 1 Part 1: Financial Statements

    3. Chapter 1 Part 2: Financial Statements

    4. Quiz: Chapter #1 (Financial Statements)

    5. Chapter 2: Strategy & Planning

    6. Quiz: Chapter #2 (Strategy & Planning)

    7. Chapter 3: The Economics of Acquisitions & Divestitures

    8. Quiz: Chapter 3 (The Economics of Acquisitions & Divestitures)

    9. Chapter 4: Running a Legal Team Like a Business

    10. Quiz: Chapter 4 (Running a Legal Team Like a Business)

    11. Chapter 5: Applying What We Learned: A conversational approach to the case study

    12. Final Exam: Business and Finance Operations

Modern Law Practice Certification

  • 105 lessons

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Students and Professionals weigh-in on the value of the Modern Law Practice curriculum

Learning key skills that broadened my job options

Shea Smock, J.D., Practice Innovations Analyst, Chapman & Cutler

'Today, I manage platforms and systems that I didn't know existed before my boot camp experience. This program gave me the leg up I needed to be successful in roles I never would have learned about in law school."

Opening Doors

Trezell Ragas, Southern University Law Center '21

“I found the curriculum very rigorous, but I enjoyed it. Law school is heavy on theory. In contrast, IFLP helps you understand the business aspects of law, and that’s so important for young lawyers who want to make it in this industry, which is changing rapidly."

A leg up for a 1st generation college grad

Elmer Thoreson, In-house Attorney

“[I] applied to IFLP because the traditional paths and networking weren’t available to us. We were looking for ways to make ourselves more marketable." With IFLP "[t]here was a lot of great knowledge to be gained, all taught by experts. The content was very practical and directed toward accelerating our growth in the profession."

A win for a lifelong in-house learner

Marco Schikore, General Counsel at Fortune 100 company

"What skills (beyond your legal core toolbox) help you succeed in the legal markets of today and tomorrow? IFLP has compiled the foundations in an easy-to-digest format."

Adding to my legal tool belt

Campbell Goin, Penn State - Dickinson Law '22

"The legal space is constantly evolving, and this certification from the Institute for the Future of Law Practice is the first step in the right direction of the legal industry. By learning from various areas such as Legal Project Management, Legal Business Design, Data Analytics for Legal Professionals, and Understanding and Working with Legal technologies, I can add what I learned to my tool belt as a legal professional."